Lilian Mokami

Lilian Mukami a Student in the School of Computing and Information Technology
Meet Lilian Mukami, a dynamic student whose journey into the world of Information Technology is flourishing at Kenya Highlands University. Hailing proudly from Meru County and an alumna of Thimbili High School, Lilian brings a spirit of determination and enthusiasm to her studies as she pursues an Information Technology Course at KHU.
For Lilian, what sets Kenya Highlands University apart is its state-of-the-art facilities. As an IT student, she values the cutting-edge technology available on campus. In particular, she praises the university’s robust internet connectivity, which plays a crucial role in facilitating research and learning without any constraints. This technological advantage empowers students like Lilian to delve deeper into their studies and stay connected in the digital age.
Beyond the academic realm, Lilian’s passion for dancing has found a vibrant stage at Kenya Highlands University. Since joining the university, she has been given numerous opportunities to showcase her talent and immerse herself in the world of dance. The university’s supportive environment and encouragement of extracurricular activities have allowed Lilian to pursue her passion alongside her academic pursuits.
In Lilian’s words, “Kenya Highlands University has provided me with a platform to showcase my talent and grow as an IT enthusiast.” Her journey reflects the university’s commitment to nurturing both academic excellence and individual talents, creating a holistic educational experience for students.

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