World Environment Day

Today at Kenya Highlands University, we joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Environment Day by hosting delegates from the Kericho County Judiciary led by Hon. Lady Justice Lynette A. Omollo, Judge of the Environment and Land Court-Kericho as an extension of the work done yesterday.

This special event was further distinguished by the presence of our Ag Vice Chancellor, Dr. Daniel Ngeno and Rev. David Maritim, Director of Collaboration, Linkages and Resource Mobilization.
In a meaningful and symbolic gesture, the delegates participated in a tree-planting ceremony on our university grounds, underscoring our shared commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. This act resonates deeply with the global theme of World Environment Day, emphasizing the importance of nurturing our natural surroundings.
Hon. Lady Justice Lynette A. Omollo’s involvement, alongside her colleagues, highlighted the judiciary’s pivotal role in advocating for and upholding environmental laws and practices. Their participation in this initiative exemplifies a collaborative approach to fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

Dr. Daniel Ngeno, in his remarks, reaffirmed the university’s dedication to environmental stewardship, emphasizing the integration of ecological awareness into our academic and community initiatives.
This memorable occasion not only reinforced our commitment to protecting the environment but also served as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve and care for our planet.
As we celebrate World Environment Day, may this tree-planting ceremony inspire us all to take proactive steps in safeguarding our environment for the generations to come.

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