University life


Each member of the KHU community, the college seeks to develop spiritual insight and maturity flowing from a commitment to Jesus Christ as the true source of life. The joyous and enlightening corporate expression of personal faith and religious conviction is built into our programme of Christian liberal arts. Through various chapels, classroom attitudes and discussions, dorm life devotional experiences, and informal contacts with others on the campus, the college seeks to develop the student’s consciousness of Christian worship and Christian service.

1. College Chapels

Morning chapels are held twice a week for the staff and students. Speakers are drawn both from within the college and from outside, serving to promote unity and growth in the campus community.

2. Evening Prayers and Small Group Meetings

Evening Prayers are led by students daily except for Sunday, and provide opportunities for sharing, prayer, worship, and devotional insights. Students may participate in small group student-faculty fellowships in lieu of the Wednesday evening student prayers.

3. Sunday Service and Worship

Each Sunday morning, students are involved in area ministries according to their Ministry Assignment arranged through the Dean of Student’s office. (see below)

Sunday Evening Worship is a time for the college community and local Christians to worship together. Choruses, hymns, testimonies, special songs and a relevant message draw the community together in a unified experience of worship and instruction.

4. Spiritual Emphasis Week

Each term, one week is dedicated for special services conducted with a unique emphasis on a particular spiritual theme. In the first term, the emphasis is on revival; in the second term, holiness is the theme; while the third term focuses on missions. Key speakers and/or renowned specialists are invited to address the college community in order to deepen spiritual understanding and broaden Christian awareness.