Ruth Kwamboka’s Journey of Education at Kenya Highlands University

Meet Ruth Kwamboka, a spirited student whose journey of education and passion intertwines beautifully at Kenya Highlands University. Hailing from Nyamira county, Ruth brings with her a rich background shaped by her experiences at Mwongori High School. Now, as a newly admitted student in the School of Health Sciences, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ruth’s enthusiasm and gratitude for being part of this esteemed institution are palpable.

During her exclusive interview with our Public Relations Office, Ruth shared her excitement, “I am happy to be admitted to this great university.” What makes Kenya Highlands University stand out for Ruth is not just the academic excellence but also the deep-rooted spirituality that is upheld here. According to Ruth KHU is a place where students find not only intellectual growth but also spiritual nourishment that creates a holistic environment for learning.

One of the standout features for Ruth is the top-notch student welfare provided by the university. From comprehensive support services to a caring community that values each student’s well-being, she further added that Kenya Highlands University ensures that students like her feel valued and supported throughout their academic journey.

Another aspect that Ruth cherishes is the dedication of the lecturers towards their students. She notes with appreciation the concern and commitment the lecturers show in the classroom, fostering an environment of learning that goes beyond textbooks and exams. It’s this personal touch that makes studying at Kenya Highlands University a truly enriching experience.

But Ruth’s journey isn’t just about academics. Her passion for singing has found a vibrant platform at Kenya Highlands University. She told us that the university’s encouragement of extracurricular activities allows her to nurture her talent alongside her studies, creating a well-rounded educational experience.


As Ruth embarks on this new chapter at Kenya Highlands University, her story is a testament to the institution’s values of excellence, spirituality, and student-centric education. Her words echo the sentiments of many students who find a home here, where passion meets purpose, and dreams are nurtured into reality.


So, as we celebrate Ruth’s journey, we also celebrate the ethos of Kenya Highlands University – a place where education is not just about degrees but about shaping lives and inspiring futures. #WE APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK

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