Student Campus Life

Holiday Ministries

Opportunities are afforded students each holiday to engage in a variety of mission assignments in remote areas or specialized ministry areas of Kenya. This practical experience in cross-cultural or inner-city work not only offers the student a chance to sharpen ministry skills, but also to engage in cultural sensitivity and social awareness of the current needs in East Africa. Holiday Ministries are coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Guest Lecture Series

As part of the cultural life of a college community, guest lecturers and artists are brought to KHU for conferences, seminars, and lectures intended to expose the student to professional excellence and frontier ideas in various fields.

Multi-cultural Campus

A wealth of culture is experienced on the KHU campus through exposure to a diverse international faculty representing several countries from around the world. The University is committed to an inclusive spirit which embraces the richness of a multi-ethnic world-wide perspective with its unique sensitivity to diversity within unity.