Quality Assurance Office

Mr. Calvins Odhiambo Oliech. Quality Assurance Officer

Kenya Highlands University is committed to quality service delivery. Towards this end, it has set up a Quality Assurance Office with the sole mandate of ensuring quality in all academic and non-academic activities in the University. The main objective is to ensure that all programmes offered are relevant and the support infrastructure is adequate as per the commission for University Education regulations and standards. The overall mandate of the office is to promote high standards through maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of academic programmes and research, using student and stakeholder feedback and benchmarking against best practice.  

Specifically, the office:

  1. Coordinates the development and review of quality assurance policies, procedures and operational manuals, as well as instruments for use in internal evaluations.
  2. Monitors and reviews academic programmes and research to ensure maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality.
  3. Monitor and enhances the quality of teaching, learning and research experiences through course, teacher and research evaluations.
  4. Oversees the implementation of recommendations from internal and external evaluation of academic programmes.
  5. Monitors and recommends teaching and research support services for students and staff aimed at enhancing academic and research quality.
  6. Coordinates tracer studies and stakeholder surveys on the quality of the University’s academic programmes, products and services.
  7. Develops and sustains a culture of continuous academic and research quality improvement among members of the University community.
  8. Ensures compliance with statutory legislations and University standards on quality assurance matters.
  9. Provides advice and guidance to the University organs on quality assurance matters.
  10.  Checks on the extent of implementation of University Service Delivery Standards/charter and Strategic Plan.
  11. Coordinates handling and resolution of citizen/customer concerns and complaints in the University.