Our Educational Objectives

Our view of Higher Education

Kenya Highlands Evangelical University considers institutions of higher learning as fulfilling an essential role within society. Functioning as a culturally diverse environment for intellectual stimulation, critical thinking, careful analysis, and creative solutions, the University setting provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to prepare themselves for inestimable service to their communities by participating in the process of human development to its highest God-given potential. In the pursuit of academic excellence and professional competence, students are exposed to varied philosophies and methodologies. The environment at KHEU is designed to enable student learning through up-to-date teaching and learning resources, a well-equipped library, qualified and committed lecturers, and diverse cultural and vocational opportunities to engage the knowledge and skills students have acquired in order to serve the church and society.

The integration of education and service

We seek to provide a challenging academic environment that encourages excellence in teaching and integrated learning resulting in effective community service. We also endeavor to promote sound scholarship and research demonstrated through critical reflection and problem solving. We desire to promote a distinctively Christian lifestyle within the Wesleyan evangelical tradition by offering a supportive environment that inspires students to achieve their highest potential spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically as they prepare not only for a career, but also for meaningful service to God and mankind wherever their vocational choices take them.

The importance of a Christian liberal arts education

The importance of a Christian liberal arts education is broadly recognized. When integrated with a committed Christian faith, the broadly-based knowledge and the training in analysis and in communication skills of such an education prepares the individual for continuing learning and service, as well as a variety of careers.

We believe education must exceed the mere acquisition of knowledge to encompass the higher critical processes of integration of theoretical and practical aspects of a subject. Our curriculum and individual courses are therefore designed to cover cognitive (factual) and affective (attitudinal) objectives as well as develop practical skills (psycho-motor).

KHEU strives to maintain a balance of these three dimensions in both individual subjects and in the programme as a whole. Thus, students are challenged to think critically and analytically in all their courses, and to make practical application of theoretical knowledge, comparing all that is taught with the truths of God as revealed in His creation and His Word.

Our Objectives

Toward these ends the academic instruction at KHEU is intended:

  • To enable students to apprehend truth in their diverse studies of Scripture, nature, and humanity; to appreciate beauty and order in God’s creation and human creativity in the arts and sciences, and to apply those insights to the pursuit of righteous living, individually and collectively as a society.
  • To assist students to respect, understand, and evaluate the thoughts of others; to express thoughts clearly and effectively, and to cultivate a habit of learning.
  • To equip students with the skills necessary for lifelong academic scholarship and research which contributes to the world’s body of knowledge.
  • To help students understand the meaning of life and their service to the church and society, and to prepare them for responsible use of their freedom and ability.
  • To foster a biblical worldview which will enrich every avenue of inquiry through a rational appropriation of knowledge according to its intended purpose and design, resulting not only in knowledge (scientia), but also in wisdom (sapientia)
  • To encourage students to develop priorities and practices that will contribute to their physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well being by promoting godliness in all pursuits of life through the integrity of character, the dignity of disciplined labour, and the joy of harmonious relationships between man and his creator.