KHUSA Induction and Training Workshop

Kenya Highlands University Students Association(KHUSA) election went on smoothly, We are delighted to share the successful conclusion of the three-day KHUSA Induction and Training Workshop, a pivotal exercise that sets the tone for leadership and excellence within our university community. The workshop culminated with an inspiring address from our able Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wilson Lang’at, who challenged KHUSA members to not only lead but also to strive for excellence tirelessly.

During his address, Prof. Lang’at shared insights from his own educational journey and leadership experiences, emphasizing the importance of dedication and hard work. He commended the outgoing council under the leadership of Mr. Joab Kasasi, Dean of Students, and outgoing President Mr. Alois Mutua for their commendable work and contributions to the university.

A key highlight of Prof. Lang’at’s speech was his emphasis on the significance of being leaders who listen. He urged the new KHUSA members to embody this quality, recognizing that effective leadership begins with attentive ears and open minds.

Adding a spiritual dimension to this noble exercise, Rev. David Maritim, Director of Collaboration, Linkages and Resources Mobilization Department, dedicated both outgoing and incoming council members. He underscored the importance of leaders setting positive examples, drawing from the wisdom of 1st Timothy 4:11-15.

As a university, we extend our best wishes and God’s grace to the new KHUSA council as they step into their roles. May they continue to uphold the values of Excellence, Integrity, Biblical Authority, Holiness and Teamwork as they guide our students body towards greater achievements and positive impact.

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