Kenya Highlands Evangelical University becomes Kenya Highlands University.

Kenya Highlands Evangelical University, a private University was granted a Charter on April 29, 2011, by the Government of Kenya through the Commission for University Education (formerly known as the Commission for Higher Education) under the Universities Act of Kenya. The Universities Act under section 22A(3)(b) provides for an amendment of the charter if the sponsor decides to make such an amendment.
Kenya Highlands Evangelical University under the provision above made a request through her sponsor to amend the name from Kenya Highlands Evangelical University to Kenya Highlands University. The decision to amend the name to remove “Evangelical” was arrived at after extensive consultations, involvement and participation of all the University’s stakeholders, a process which took several months.
Under section 22A (5) of the Universities Act, 2012, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Science and Technology is mandated to make the amendment of the Charter as requested by the Sponsor of a University after meeting all the requirements of such an amendment. Having met all the requirements as stipulated in the Universities Act for the amendment of the name, Kenya Highlands Evangelical University’s name was amended and Gazetted under SPECIAL ISSUE 525, Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 67 (Legislative Supplement No. 27) on 16th April, 2021.

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