International Guests

An Inspirational Chapel Service with International Guests

Today, at our University we had the immense honour of hosting a special chapel service attended by students and staff from Christian Bilingual University of Congo and Taylor University in USA. This significant gathering was presided over by Prof. Chang Won Shu, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea.

Prof. Chang Won Shu delivered an inspiring message based on John 3:16, centering on the profound theme, “The Beloved God.” His sermon emphasized the boundless love of God and how we can love the world without becoming enemies of God. He reminded us that God’s love is universal and unconditional, aimed at saving the world from sin and offering eternal life to all.

Prof. Chang Won Shu’s urged the congregants that God’s love is unwavering, unlike human love which is often conditional. He explained that to do right is to think and act in ways that please God, reflecting His love in our actions. Despite our sins, God’s love remains constant. Prof. Chang touched base in Romans 5:6-10, explaining who we were and why God loves us. He highlighted the suffering of Jesus Christ for humanity’s sake and pondered why God forsook His beloved Son. The importance of believing and receiving Jesus was underscored, as it is through belief that one attains eternal life. Without belief, the gift of eternal life remains out of reach.

This chapel service was a powerful reminder of God’s enduring love and the significance of faith in Jesus Christ. It was a blessing to have such esteemed guests and a distinguished speaker share this experience with us.

At Kenya Highlands University, we are committed to fostering an environment where faith and learning intersect, nurturing both the mind and spirit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Christian Bilingual University of Congo and Taylor University for joining us today and to Prof. Chang Won Shu for his enlightening sermon.

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