Kipkelion Farm


newMembers of KHU Management Board visited the vast acre of land at the Kipkelion constituency which has been under the ownership of the University for the past 10 years. The land stretches across a fertile 90 acre hill side.

The main agenda of the visit was to chart the way forward for the piece of land development-wise. Previously and also most recently the farm has been used for planting maize crop due to its high mineral content rich soil.

Alongside several development schemes, the management team also discussed ways in which different structures/buildings would be allocated.

A major setback that the Kipkelion land has had, is the lack of proper and adequate roads to the actual site. Accessibility was also a topic on the agenda.

Squatters in the area have also been a major deterrent to progress in the Kipkelion land. A number of ways were discussed on how to peacefully evacuate the squatters in that area.

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