General Information

Stewards in Partnership Funding

Kenya Highlands University (formerly Kenya Highlands Evangelical University) is an institution of higher learning which strives to maintain quality faculty, staff, and facilities for the promotion of an excellent Christian education. Notwithstanding this high standard, KHU makes every effort to maintain student fees well below the actual cost for student tuition and boarding. This benefit is made possible by the generous support from KHU’s many friends and sponsors, both locally and abroad. Continuing partnerships with diverse businesses, academic organizations, churches, and alumni, serve as the primary means whereby KHU maintains excellence in educational standards while offering exceptional educational value to the student.

KHU depends on external and internal endowment funding as well as donor contributions to assist with capital development projects and student academic scholarships. While the Africa Gospel Church, World Gospel Mission, and other major partners contribute a significant portion of the capital and operational budget, approximately seventy-four per cent of the operational budget is derived from student fees.

KHU believes that the student who enrolls with a desire to learn and to honor the will of God in their calling to vocation will be blessed and sustained in their Christian service. With this principle of Biblical stewardship in mind, every student is afforded the opportunity to learn spiritual lessons in faith as they pray and sense their dependence upon God, both as an individual, and as a member of a larger body of mutually interdependent members of the community of faith.