Welcome to KHEU!  The information presented on these pages will provide but a glimpse of this unique and special University located in the beautiful Kenya Highlands.  KHEU is in the heart of Kenya’s tea producing region and numerous well-known International Tea companies are located here.

KHEU earned University status in 2011 after being a Bible School/College (KHBC) for more than 50 years.  During those years producing hundreds of graduates many of whom have gone on to become leaders in various institutions throughout Kenya and East Africa.  KHEU is the only University whose main campus is in the Kericho area.  Known for its quality programs, excellent and committed faculty, KHEU is determined to keep its costs low to serve those who otherwise would need to forgo a University education.  However, we seek every opportunity to improve the scope and variety of our programs and to prepare our students to meet and to become leaders in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.