May 2024 Semester Begins

Staff and students gathered for a momentous occasion at Kenya Highlands University’s semester inaugural service graced by Rev. Philip Ketter, the university chaplain. Rev. Ketter’s message was centered on navigating life’s uncertainties. He underscored three timeless truths that resonate deeply with the congregation

These were:

1. God’s Immutable Nature: Drawing from Malachi 3:6 and Hebrews 13:8, Rev. Ketter reminded us that amidst shifting circumstances, God remains unchanging, offering a rock-solid foundation for our lives.

2. Divine Sovereignty: Quoting Isaiah 46:4, he reaffirmed God’s sovereignty, assuring us that in His wisdom, He guides and sustains us through every season.

3. Ever-Present Companion: Reflecting on Hebrews 4:16, He encouraged the church with the assurance that God is ever with us, ready to offer grace and aid in times of need.

Furthermore, Our Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Daniel Ngeno, took the opportunity and urged both continuing and newly admitted students and staff to abide in Christ and entrust Him with their paths. He warmly welcomed our new students, emphasizing Kenya Highlands University’s unique identity as a Christian Chartered University.

During this auspicious occasion, Dr. Paul Lokol, our newly appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor incharge of Academics, Research and Student Affairs was introduced to the staff and students by Prof. Robert Langat. Dr. Lokol previously served as a principal in Tenwek School of Chaplaincy. He joins our team with wealth of experience to take KHU to the next level.

Dean of students Mr. Joab Kasasi, Ast Dean of students Ms. Betty Chesengeny and Mr. Oriadha Gabriel, KHUSA President graced this inaugural service by welcoming all newly admitted students, setting the tone for the upcoming orientation next week.

As we embark on this new semester, we trust that our students and staff will embrace these timeless truths and the spirit of community that defines Kenya Highlands University. Together, let’s journey forward in faith, knowledge and service, enriching our lives and the world around us.

13th february,2024

We gathered in a spirit of reverence and unity for a special chapel service dedicated for prayers. It was a momentous occasion where hearts and minds were intertwined in a collective endeavor to seek blessings, guidance and grace for our university, its administration, faculty, staff, partners, sponsors, parents, students and our nation at large.

Led by Rev. Philip Ketter, our university chaplain alongside Rev. Dr. Pius Bett, Rev. David Maritim, Pastor Robert Ngeno, Mrs. Gladys Maritim and Ms. Rehema Gateiya, the service was imbued with a profound sense of spirituality and communal strength.

We fervently invoked divine intervention for the prosperity, success and well-being of Kenya Highlands University. The University administration,Management and Board of Trustees who are the guardians of our institution’s mission and values were remembered in our prayers as we sought divine guidance for their stewardship.

Our teaching staff, the pillars of knowledge and inspiration were uplifted as we asked for strength and inspiration to continue with their noble work of molding minds and shaping futures.

Equally, our support staff were honored with gratitude and prayers for their tireless dedication and invaluable contributions to the smooth functioning of our university.

Recognizing the significance of partnership and collaboration, we extended our prayers to our partners and sponsors whose generosity and support enhances the quality of education and opportunities available to our students.

Parents, the bedrock of our students’ support systems, were embraced in our prayers, acknowledging their sacrifices. Our prayers extended beyond the boundaries of our campus. Our students too were considered in today’s special service as we prayed for their well being in the university.

Rev. Philip Ketter with his inspiring words , guided us through moments of reflection, gratitude and supplication. His wisdom and compassion served as a guiding light, instilling in us a renewed sense of faith and purpose. 

We thank Our staff and students for attending today’s Special Chapel

Chapel Service

Kenya Highlands University

Directorate of Spiritual Affairs

The Kenya Highlands University is a diverse community of students and staff. Within that diversity are people of different faith backgrounds. The University acknowledges the contribution that all of them make to the enrichment of its community. The University works on a number of ways to provide pastoral support for all who seek it through Chaplaincy.   

Our Identity

We are a Christian private University sponsored by the Africa Gospel Church. We are Wesleyan Armenian holiness in our doctrines.

Our Vision

A transformed society through Christian Professionals.

Our Mission

To provide higher education that integrates Christian faith with scholarship.

Our Core Values

The University embraces the following core values that inform our decision making, direct our daily lives, and guide our relationships:

  1. Biblical authority
  2. Holiness
  3. Excellence
  4. Integrity
  5. Team work

Our Mandate

  1. Teaching
  2. Research and innovation
  3. Dissemination of new knowledge
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Preaching, mission and evangelism

Our Statement of Faith

  1. As a distinctly Christian institution of higher learning, Kenya Highlands University affirms the following beliefs:
  2. Both the Old and New Testaments constitute the divinely inspired Word of God, inerrant in the originals, and the final authority for faith and practice
  3. There is one God eternally existent in the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each with personality and deity
  4. That the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, manifested in the flesh through the virgin birth, died on Calvary for the redemption of the human family, all of whom may be saved from sin through faith in Him
  5. That there is salvation for the human soul, including the new birth, and a subsequent work of God in the soul, a crisis, wrought by faith, whereby the heart is cleansed from all sin and filled with the Holy Spirit. This gracious experience is retained by faith as expressed in a constant obedience to God’s revealed will, thus giving us a perfect cleansing moment by moment (1 John 1:7-9)
  6. That the universal church is the body of Christ; that all who are united by faith in Christ are members of the same; and that having thus become members one of another, it is our solemn covenant duty to fellowship with one another with pure and fervent hearts;
  7. That our Lord Jesus Christ in His literal resurrection from the dead is the living guarantee of the resurrection of all human beings; the believing saved to conscious eternal joy and the unbelieving lost to conscious eternal punishment

That our Lord Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of His own promise, both angelically and apostolically attested will personally return in power and great glory

Chaplaincy Department:


  • Provide spiritual support and pastoral care to students and staff on its campuses as needed. The Chapel services done on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week and special meeting organized every semester forms part of the achievement of this objective.
  • Provide opportunity for evangelism and other outreach activities for the students and staff of the university.
  • Encourage every member of the university community to be involved in spiritual activity within and outside the university.
  • To plan for evangelism and mission outreach at least once or twice every semester.

University values

The University’s values embedded in the Chaplaincy set out below, are central to the life of the University community and should find expression in the activities and approach of chaplaincy.

• We challenge, inspire and support our students as individuals, to grow intellectually, personally and spiritually

• We prepare our students to be responsible citizens and leaders in a fast- changing, complex world

• We are committed to serving the needs of local communities and to contributing to the economic, social and cultural success.

• We work to promote social justice through our outreach and teaching programmes, and through research, consultancy and engagement with communities

• We encourage learning, creativity and the arts as ways of nurturing the human spirit and improving the quality of life

• We are engaged in the pursuit of truth through reason, research and debate based on freedom of thought and expression

• We promote equality, diversity, mutual respect and understanding

 A Vision for the University Chaplaincy

The purpose of Chaplaincy at the Kenya Highlands University is to contribute to the philosophy, mission and vision of the university as well as its core values and ethos. It also provides opportunities for all staff and students, whatever their faith background, to:

• Engage in worship, reflection and prayer;

• Develop a wider understanding of social issues of critical importance to faith, such as holiness justice, human rights, power and authority;

• Develop and experience mutual respect, awareness and understanding;

• Develop as unique individuals, receiving the pastoral and spiritual support necessary for this;

• Become a valued, valuable and supportive part of the university and reflect and provide for the needs of the wider community

• Receive and provide pastoral support as part of the University’s overall welfare provision