Peer Counselling Training


Kenya highlands University students and staff alike were able to take part in a one of a kind training program designed to equip them with essential counselling skills. Lead by the Counselling department the 3 week program consisted of in depth and engaging class sessions and outdoor activities. In the entirety of this program, volunteer students were able to bond and edify themselves with these life changing skills.

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University Gate


We are pleased to announce that construction of the much anticipated state of the art University Gate (main) has just began with the lead engineer on site estimating that it will take about roughly 3 months for the structure to be complete.

The gate will have ample space for both vehicle and pedestrian movements in and out of the University.

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University Cultural Night



Kenya Highlands University will for the first time in its history hold a Cultural night on the 16th Nov. 2018. This will be an excellent chance for all the diverse mix of ethnicity in the University to show case and celebrate their rich cultures.

Our students and staff alike are welcome and encouraged to celebrate our diversity by performing activities at the Cultural night show to be held at the Multipurpose Hall, KHU.


Cultural day is a chance where we celebrate each other with our different and unique backgrounds. Students have an opportunity to showcase diversity through multiculturalism in arts, music, fashion and food.

Kipkelion Campus Strategic Plan


newMembers of KHU Management Board visited the vast acre of land at the Kipkelion constituency which has been under the ownership of the University for the past 10 years. The land stretches across a fertile 90 acre hill side.

The main agenda of the visit was to chart the way forward for the piece of land development-wise. Previously and also most recently the farm has been used for planting maize crop due to its high mineral content rich soil.

Alongside several development schemes, the management team also discussed ways in which different structures/buildings would be allocated.

A major setback that the Kipkelion land has had, is the lack of proper and adequate roads to the actual site. Accessibility was also a topic on the agenda.

Squatters in the area have also been a major deterrent to progress in the Kipkelion land. A number of ways were discussed on how to peacefully evacuate the squatters in that area.













Alumni Reunion 2018

KHU alumni meet over the weekend and discussed a number of key issues that concerned the University’s steady progress. Among the items that were discussed include;

  1. Election Postponement – New Alumni officials to be elected on 16th Jan 2019
  2. Necessity of Alumni Attendance in various planned functions
  3. Subscription of Alumni
  4. Payments of Annual Alumni Subscription Fee (1200/-)

A/C No. 01134604830400

BANK: Cooperative Bank(Kericho Branch)

PAYBILL No: A/C No. 400200

A/C Name: KHEU Alumni


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Annual University Sports Day 2018


University sport is very highly regarded in the world of sport and education.

Fully integrated into the learning curriculum of the citizens of today and tomorrow, it represents a vital aspect of individuals’ development and fulfillment.

Kenya Highlands University held its annual sports day on the 2nd November 2018 where students and staff alike were able to engage in competitive team building sport.

The day was eventful and full of fun with a bounty of prizes to be won, the entire KHU community clearly showed their love for sport.

Office of The Dean of Students


Welcome to Kenya Highlands University a serene environment that provides you with an opportunity to discover your potential. You made the best decision to choose KHU. For those who haven’t made up that choice, you are welcomed to do so. Being a learning institution, we have and will continue to endeavor to provide the best for all our students who choose to be part of us. We believe in the whole development of our students ie spiritually, physically, academically, socially, amongst others.

As you join the University, it will be prudent to note that the environment requires you to set personal goals and make best choices that range from making friends, choosing the career that suites you, knowing when to say NO or yes depending on the issues at hand. The University environment is highly integrated with students from all over the country and others from outside the borders. With this comes different attitudes, behaviors which entirely depend on cultural upbringing. As much as we have to tolerate one another, you will be required to only choose the best and say NO to any vice that may surface. Saying NO to things that interfere with your education negatively is not a weakness but strength.

Sporting facilities are in plenty and students have a variety of sports to choose from. Some that are common include, football, volleyball, handball, basketball, Athletics, a variety of indoor games amongst others.

On accommodation, the University has hostels for ladies and gents which are separated from each other. The men don’t share the hostels with the ladies. This has helped a great deal to maintain good morals amongst our students.

Unlike many other places, Kenya Highlands University provides good team leadership and mentorship to students. The lecturers and other staff members are readily available to help any student who requires any help. This includes career guidance, emotional issues, and relationships amongst others. In other words the University lives to its dream of being “a home away from home”

The University has a Code of Conduct which every student has to familiarize with. The code is meant to ensure that we maintain our core values as an institution but also provide a conducive environment for all. Remember you are here for a short time depending on the program you are undertaking. You have a responsibility to maintain and leave a good legacy.

Welcome again to Kenya Highlands University, “a home away from home” for the best learning experience


Joab Logemere Kasasi

Dean of Students, KHU

AMIS Student Portal

Kenya Highlands University students can now finally access essential academic resources through the AMIS portal. Through logging into the system Students are now able to:

  1. View and update Profile information
  2. Register for course units
  3. View Registered course units
  4. Print Exam Card
  5. View report cards