Admission Requirements

Since Kenya Highlands University is an educational institution supported and operated by the Africa Gospel Church in partnership with World Gospel Mission, it has a commitment to function first and foremost to service its constituency throughout the broad ministries of the church. However, the University is non-discriminatory regarding gender, ethnic group, denomination, physical ability or economic status, in its policy of student admissions provided candidates for matriculation into its programmes are sincerely desiring quality evangelical Christian education, meet the academic and other entrance requirements, and are willing to submit to the policies and ethos of the University.
Only those applicants who submit the appropriate supporting documents and who meet the academic, character, and spiritual requirements of the respective programme in the college, and who express willingness to comply with its policies will be considered for possible admission. Applicants should refer to the “Programme Regulations” sections of the catalogue for any unique programme admission requirements.

Master’s Programmes

  • 2nd class Upper Division or 2nd Class Lower Division with 2 years working experience.

Degree Programmes

Possess a minimum grade of C+ on KCSE or its equivalent.
Achieve a minimum grade of C+ in each course taken to accumulate an initial 12 credit hours with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.3.

Diploma with Credit from a recognized Institution
Have at least two years of experience in their respective profession.

Diploma Programmes

C- & above or Certificate from a recognized institution.

Part-time Student Admission

Students who seek admission into the program for academic credit yet electing not to pursue a degree, or registering for less than 12 hours per term.
Such students (including those registering for inter-terms) must meet all the stated admission requirements for the program.

Certificate Programmes

D + and above

Transfer Student Admission

Transfer students may be admitted to advanced standing in the programme on presentation of an official transcript of satisfactory scholarship from a diploma level institution.
KHU will accept credits of courses related to our programme in which a grade of “C” or better was attained.
Transfer of credit for KHU courses may not exceed 48 credit hours.

  • Full-Time
  • Online

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