2023 Inter-Institution Transfer

Kenya Highlands University formerly Kenya Highlands Evangelical University (KHEU)
Located in Kericho Town, Kericho County is a Chartered Christian University that provides
higher education that integrates Faith with scholarship with a promise of:

  1. A transformed society through Christian Professionals
  2. Early and timely completion of studies (Trimesters).
  3. Competitive programs that are Market-driven.
  4. Affordable & Friendly payment of Fees (Instalments)
  5. A serene learning environment and
  6. Quality training.
    We are inviting INTER-INSTITUTION TRANSFER applications from the 2022 K.C.S.E.
    candidates placed by KUCCPS in other institutions. Students who wish to join the University are
    welcome to apply through the KUCCPS portal.

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