Kenya Highlands University Welcomes 2021 Students Cohort to Campus

Since Kenya Highlands University resumed face to face learning it has been extremely busy at the University. The new students reported for the September 2021 semester on September 6, 2021. Most of the new students who reported were those placed at the University by KUCCPS. KUCCPS placed 684 students at Kenya Highlands University from the KCSE 2020 cohort.
Owing to the quality of teaching and learning at the University, most of the students who were placed at the University reported during the first of week of registration. Though there were few students who transferred to other Universities during the inter-university transfer period, more than 100 others transferred from other universities to Kenya Highlands University. This is an indication that Kenya Highlands University is a university of choice to both students, parents, and guardians. The strong Christian foundation that the university is laid on has set it apart from other secular universities. The moral values inculcated in the graduates from Kenya Highlands University make them unique and competitive at the job market, something that our stakeholders attest to.
So as the KCSE 2020 class start their journey at Kenya Highlands University, we as a university promise to transform them into future leaders in their respective fields. Ours is to provide the conducive learning environment and the best resources and tools needed to produce leaders, experts, professionals, and specialists out of them.
We therefore welcome all our new students to Kenya Highlands University as they begin their academic journey.

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