Kenya Highlands University conducts Pedagogy Training for the Teaching Staff

The Kenya Highlands University offers continuous training and empowerment workshops for all its staff. The primary objective for these training and empowerment workshops is to equip them with the necessary skills and tools that can make them better at their work. These workshops are conducted at the beginning of every semester but can also been offered whenever there are new staff or as needed. The September 2021 semester academic staff training took place on September 2, 2021, at the University Main Campus.

The theme for the training was on pedagogy which was intended to empower teaching staff especially on how to teach effectively at the University during the modern changing times. With the transition from the traditional ways of teaching to ODeL and blended modes, teaching staff need support to be able to deliver quality teaching and facilitation of their classes while keeping with the standards and regulations of the CUE and the applicable policies of the University. The University conducts evaluation of each teaching staff through using the students through the Academic Management System of the University. Students evaluate each lecturer based different quality related parameters and the outcome of these evaluations are used to identify the gaps and area that need empowerment within the faculty. The University plans for staff training based on the recommendations arising from the students-lecturer evaluations report.

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