Kenya Highlands University Acquires a New Backup Power Generator.

Electricity is one of the most essential and important components of any institution of higher learning. Electricity powers just about every part of our learning institutions and the lack of it can negatively affect the day-to-day operations of these institutions. Kenya Highlands University like other universities in Kenya has relied on the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) as the primary source of electric power. Though KPLC is reliable most of the time, there are times when they experience several outages for one reason or the other.

During the downtimes, the operations at the university are usually interfered with. This is because essential services and operations such as internet access, lighting, and computers become unusable. Most of the university systems rely of technologies which relies on electricity to power them. A good example of a major challenge that has faced Kenya Highlands University because of KPLC power outage over the years is the time wasted. Everything comes to a standstill during KPLC power interruption.

Installing and Commissioning the new power genenator at KHU

Kenya Highlands University recently invested heavily on a power generator that will provide backup during KPLC’s power outages, thanks to the University Management Board for making the sacrifice. The new power generator was commissioned and installed on 19th March 2021 and now operational.

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