Financial Aid and Scholarships

Student Financial Aid

Believing that University education is both a privilege and a responsibility, KHU encourages every student to maximize their resources through creative sacrificial financing in order to appreciate the value of a quality education. We also realize that education is an expensive investment going well beyond the resources of most individuals and their families. Therefore we strive to extend appropriate financial assistance to worthy and needy continuing students who have demonstrated by their academic diligence and personal effort a commitment to the pursuit of their education.
While no student is fully financed through KHU scholarship sources alone, approximately 65 % of our students receive some form of financial assistance while at KHU. Financial aid for continuing students ranges from a limited number of full and partial academic scholarships, to work study stipends, and assistance for particularly needy students.
Those interested in applying for financial assistance should direct their inquiries to the Business Office for current information and applications. You can access the current Fee Structure for more information on Fees payable.

Academic Scholarships

The University offers an academic scholarship award programme as a means of recognizing effort and ability. The award is open to all full-time degree and diploma students and is awarded to students who are honoured on the Academic Dean’s List by their outstanding academic performance (term GPA of 3.5-4.0) This variable-rate financial award is not in the form of cash but is credited to the account of the student. Final term seniors are not eligible.
Awarded Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded by the University administration according to the established guidelines. These awards are not in the form of cash but are awarded to the student’s account. Guidelines and descriptions are available in the Business Office.
AGC International Scholarship
Good Samaritan Scholarship
AGC MK/PK Scholarship
Glide Crawford Scholarship
AGC Moderator’s Scholarship
Holiday Ministry Scholarship
Clement Cheruiyot Counselling Award
Martha Bonsel Scholarship
George Mueller Scholarship
Temuge Evangelism Scholarship
Robert and Catherine Memorial Scholarship

Work-Study Programme

The Univesity operates an extensive work-study scholarship programme for eligible students. To qualify a student must be enrolled full time, have a grade point average of 2.00 or above, and make written request on the sign-up notice posted each term.
Students work an average of five hours per week and the scholarship funds accrued through participation in the programme are applied to their accounts each term in which they successfully fulfill the work-study assignment.
Any student under discipline will be denied the privilege of work study. First term freshmen are not eligible.